Baju Langkawi is a men’s batik shirt with Asian collar. A fusion of a collar used by the main ethnicities in Malaysia (Malay ‘cekak-musang’, Chinese ‘Mandarin collar’, Indian ‘Nehru collar’), done in batik fabric, a cultural heritage of Malaysia and its neighbours. In Malaysia, it has mostly been lost from mainstream visibility over the last two generations.

Created by women in Langkawi, for men all over the world.

Baju Langkawi is designed, sewn and packed by “Orang Langkawi”. We are devoted to the participation of local communities to be a part of Baju Langkawi. Offering them an opportunity to reach the world. Extra unused fabrics are used to make Baju Langkawi.

“Orang Langkawi:” In Malaysian language, can be defined as children who were born and raised in Langkawi, a cluster of island in the north of Malaysia with a population of around 99,000, and residents who call Langkawi home.

We believe in creating opportunities for children to learn, may it be inside or outside of the classroom. From school students, we create school seasonal art competitions. Winning designs by Orang Langkawi will be featured as the Baju Langkawi print designs to reach the world.

From providing children access to education, access to opportunities to tap the global market, and single mothers to work from home.

Baju Langkawi are devoted to bring the best out of Orang Langkawi.

**Available as ready-mades and custom made for corporate orders.